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8 Ways to Make More Money as a Freelance Writer

Become a full-time freelance writer with a six-figure annual income is most freelance writer’s dream. Indeed, it takes time, effort, and tedious tracking to be there. But it can be done, check these tips to help you boost your writing income

1. Learn to write for Digital Platform. 

Some of the greatest demand for writers is generated by content marketing and online publishing. For blog posts, social media, e-mail marketing, e-books, and landing pages, businesses need authors. So, boost your skills to write on online platforms, including search engine optimization (SEO) and social media. 

2. Develop a niche.

Niche writing makes your knowledge and skills unique and hardly irreplaceable. You can choose a niche that makes you comfortable, to begin with. It can be technology, health, lifestyle, beauty, career, law. Even some freelance writers specialize in writing for adult websites and adult stories.  You can also  take screen writing  as niche. Learn how to write scree writing here 

3. Networking and Referrals  

You can join the community,  freelance group, or writer group and start acting in the community.  Or if networking is not your strong point,  you can build relationships with your previous clients by a good delivery that meet deadlines and propose good ideas.   

Ask your clients to refer your work to their colleagues, tell them that you are available to work.  

No matter how much you’re getting paid for your work now, put your full effort behind it. Showing up and doing a killer job will set you up to see referrals roll in — so you can eventually be picky and feel confident negotiating higher rates. 

4.Flexible in Rates

Setting freelance rates can be complicated and tricky.  You can check the freelance websites to know the market rate.  Indeed, many freelancers are applying a very low rate, don’t get into the price war. Think about the value and experience that you have.  The clients will see the sample of your work first.  If you feel you have the quality you can out the worthy price for your work.  

However, you also must consider that a low rate with the promise of abundant work could be more lucrative than a high rate for one-off or sporadic assignments you have to spend unpaid time securing. 

5. Make Calculation  

Tracking the hours spent on each project will help you see the writing had a much better ROI. Keep track of the time you spend on each project to know your effective hourly rate. You’ll see which projects are earning you money and which are sucking your time.  

If you’re aiming for an annual salary of $50,000, the hourly rate at a full-time job would be about $24. Aim for about $48 per hour freelancing.  You have to aim for more as a freelancer because you don’t get paid for every hour you work.

6. Cut The Troublesome Clients 

Notice clients who waste your time the ones who require complicated invoicing, email you at odd hours, micromanage every assignment, expect several rounds of revisions, or are generally disorganized. Account for that extra time when figuring out the hourly rate you earn for that client’s projects. 

Be aware of inefficient work that sucks a lot of time you could spend on more lucrative work; and don’t be afraid to drop clients for better opportunities

7.Tech Savvy

Learn how to use basic tech you’ll encounter as a freelancer, including: 

  • Video conferencing: Google Hangouts and Zoom. 
  • Project management: Trello and Asana. 
  • Word processing and collaborating: Microsoft Word and Google Docs. 
  • Content management: WordPress (and Wix for some small businesses). 

8.Get New Clients 

You can use social media groups to share the freelancer profile that you created in Flexgigzz, Upwork, or Fiverr.   You can also apply for jobs on social media or projects on freelance platforms.   

Use also sites like Crunchbase to find startups in your field. Send emails to them explaining what you offer and how you can help grow their business with your writing.  Following up is key, even if you never hear back or only receive a lukewarm response. You never know when a company will be ready for freelance help. It could be six months or a year from now. 

Making more money as a freelance writer is about more than knowing how to negotiate higher rates. Increase your value by focusing on a niche and proving your quality and work ethic to colleagues. Avoid low-rate job boards, and seek jobs through industry groups, vetted listings, and network referrals. 


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