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How To Make Remote Work Benefit For Business ?

Remote working is the most essential lesson the corporate world learnt from the pandemic. As the world begins to recover from the lockdowns, many businesses are getting back to office. Remote work was a transitory endeavor for some firms, such as Apple. While Kaspersky is one organization that believes in the balance of the office and remote working. The question is, how to make remote work benefit for the business?

Evgeniya Naumova, Executive Vice President at Kaspersky, believes that online collaboration has given her department a fresh viewpoint. Even after switching to remote employment, the company generated double-digit growth across multiple streams in 2020. So, how Kaspersky make remote work benefit for the business?

When combined with well-established protocols, Sergey Soldatov, Head of Security Operations Center at Kaspersky, feels that teleworking can bring new successes rather than obstacles.

Here are some tried-and-true ideas from Kaspersky executives to help managers boost the productivity of their remote team, that makes remote work benefit their business.

  1. Hire self-motivated individuals that share your company’s values, enjoy their work, and want to see it flourish. This encourages teamwork and allows you to trust your employees without having to keep a stopwatch on them.
  2. Allow staff to concentrate on areas where they are most efficient and enthusiastic. Allow employees to express themselves and share tasks across teams so that team members can understand and learn new methods.
  3. Micromanagement should be avoided. Without being overly controlling, trust people and how they operate best. Work should be evaluated based on measurable outcomes rather than the number of hours spent on activities.
  4. Increase the maturity of business processes. Create metrics that will allow you to evaluate your team’s performance based on the value they bring.
  5. Even if your team works remotely, attempt to schedule face-to-face meetings on a regular basis. Communication is difficult with remote work because people interpret between 50% and 80% of information (according to different sources) through nonverbal clues. In-person communication allows you and your teammates to get to know one another and can help you avoid possible communication issues.
  6. Utilize all of the benefits that the remote model has to offer and plan your time as efficiently as feasible. For example, if you are unable to attend a virtual meeting in person, request that your colleagues provide you a recording so that you can listen to it later at a faster speed. This will save you time while also keeping you updated.
  7. Read relevant literature and research best practices because greater knowledge on the subject will help you make better decisions. Try publications like “Remote: Office not required” by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hanssen, or guidelines from firms that have long used a totally remote strategy, like Gitlab’s.

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How To Make Remote Work Benefit For Business ?

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