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How Much Should A Freelance Web Developer Earn?

Numerous aspects can influence your actual compensation when it comes to a web developer. If you reside in a tech hub city, your typical pay may be more than if you live in a rural location, for example.

Even if you work from home, your compensation can vary depending on where you live. Your location influences how much you pay in taxes, which directly affects your take-home income. It can also be a deciding factor in your compensation offer since some remote employers scale salaries to the living costs.

On top of that, your income may be affected by whether or not you negotiate if a firm values pay parity or employ salary tiers and other factors.

In this post, we’ll go over:

The elements that influence web developer wages


The local market rate where you live, always linked to the cost of living, is one element that influences your compensation as a web developer. For example, if you live and work in New York City, the wage offer you receive will most likely be more than if you live and work in Oklahoma City. 

This is because living expenses in New York City are substantially higher, and companies seeking to employ in New York must pay higher wages to account for this, raising the local market rate in the area.

On the other hand, some organizations do not scale compensation depending on geographic location, which can impact how far your salary “goes” in any given place.

When it comes to remote employment, your location might have an impact on both compensation and job options. Some small jobs, for example, only hire in specific time zones. However, some employers just demand you to be able to work some or all of your hours within a particular time zone — regardless of what time it is for you — which can be excellent news for night owls or early risers!


You should also consider the size of the organization that is employing. Is it a small startup, a medium-sized business, or a major corporation? While large corporations frequently have more extensive resources than medium or smaller corporations, well-funded startups can also provide higher-than-average salaries as well as stock options.


Your skillset, years of experience, and current job title all play a factor in your possible wage offer. An entry-level web developer and a senior software developer residing in the exact location are unlikely to receive the same salary. The more web development talents you have, such as mastery of JavaScript frameworks such as React, the more likely you are to earn a higher offer.

In addition to rugged capabilities, soft skills and managerial experience are vital advantages in pay negotiations, and you should stress these in your interviews and resume.

Companies frequently utilize wage levels based on competence and experience as rules or brackets to which they adhere when making offers. Your typical salary may show where a recruiter or hiring manager believes you fall on the compensation scale at that organization.


Whether or not you bargain can also have a significant impact on your compensation. Salary tiers at some firms might reduce the extent to which negotiation affects your pay bracket. In that situation, “negotiation” may simply entail arguing that your talents and experience place you in a higher tier. In other cases, not bargaining can mean leaving money on the table.

It’s challenging to navigate, especially if you don’t believe you have any negotiating power. It’s one of the reasons why knowing typical pay is so crucial! You’ll know if an offer falls within the normal range and whether you want to start negotiating.


Your specialty has an impact on your salary as well. Back-end and full-stack web developers typically paid more than front-end developers. According to a Stack Overflow survey by Monster.com, iOS mobile developers have the highest average salary, at $115,000; back end web developers have an average salary of $108,580; full-stack developers have an average salary of $100,273, and front end developers have an average salary of $97,016. If you’re a front-end developer looking to make more money, learning React, for example, can boost your compensation to $105,000 on average.


Unfortunately, discrimination based on color, gender, sexual orientation, and other factors might affect your compensation as a web developer. Women continue to be underpaid in the computer field when compared to men. 

According to a Small Business Prices report, women’s pay trail behind men’s significant companies such as Cisco, Visa, Oracle, PayPal, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, and eBay.

Because many lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex individuals do not always reveal their status at work, it is far more challenging to obtain a precise gauge of wage disparities based on sexuality or gender identities. 

Nonetheless, DiversityJobs mentions research demonstrating that “gay and bisexual males earned between 10% and 32% less than equally competent heterosexual men.” Surprisingly, lesbian and bisexual women earned the same as, or occasionally more than, heterosexual women. Nonetheless, they earned less than both heterosexual and gay men.”

Understanding the problem can help you decide what to do next. We believe that being upfront about how discrimination affects salaries will empower you when bargaining — and put more pressure on those in positions of power to pay fairly.

Why is it important to know how much web developers make?

That was a lot of information! But, in the end, why is it essential to be so explicit about how much money web developers make in each location?

Knowing how much you should get paid is vital, especially if the wage offer you’re given isn’t a number you’re comfortable with. If you know how much you deserved, you may feel more empowered to push back or bargain for a wage that is more in line with the average for your area, talents, and experience.

If you’re not sure what the typical income in your region is, websites such as Indeed, PayScale, and Glassdoor all contain pay information that you can search alongside where you reside. 

When it comes to wage negotiations, knowing the typical web developer compensation is essential. This is especially true for women, particularly women of color, who have historically been paid less than men and are statistically less likely to negotiate their salary (Dice Insights).

Source: CrushSkills


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