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Landing a Job as Freelance Data Entry: Skills & Tips

If you think that you don’t have enough skill to sell your service as a professional freelancer, you can start your career as a freelance data entry. To get freelance data entry jobs, there are a few skills that you must have.  


Accurate typing skill is one of the most significant abilities of any freelance data entry career. In several freelance data entry occupations, the data entered consists of strings of numbers, medical codes, personal contact details, and other things that need to be typed correctly. 

Clients who employ you expect a high level of accuracy and may stop giving you work if there are accuracy problems. Besides that clients also want the work done fast, and a data entry freelancer with a long turnaround time won’t get much work. This requires typing accurately without looking at the keyboard. 

Typing skill is very important for data entry freelancer

 Typing Speed 

There are free typing tests available online to measure your typing speed if you aren’t positive about your typing speed. If your pace isn’t good enough for freelance data entry jobs to be considered, practice typing every day before your speed gets better. 

Typing at at least 60 words per minute is expected by most data entry employers, with 80 to 90 words per minute preferred. The faster you can accurately enter data, the more projects you can take on and the more money you can make. 

It will be much better if you have at 38 wpm with about 99 percent accuracy. One way to illustrate is to put up a screenshot of the test speed of online typing, and the other is to assist a family, acquaintance, local company, get their input and post it as your profile in certain data entry work. Since this job has a lot of people, it can take little time to find a contract. 


There are various softwares that can support your job as freelance data entry. Some of the most common programs used in data entry are: 

  • Microsoft Word  
  • Excel 
  • Access 
  • Open Office 

You can describe how you use that software at your job to your potential clients.   


If you would like to find a remote job with international clients, then having English skill is a must. At least you master it on the written level. Many data source will be in English and master it will easier for your job.  

You can show your clients your TOEFL or IELTS score or English test online score that you can browsing to have a test. 

English Skill

Reliable Internet Connection  

Having a reliable internet connection is a must to allow you sent back and forth the project with your clients. You also need to have a permanent email address that is also reliable, to make it easier to communicate with the client. 

Find Data Entry Job 

There are some freelancer and remote job platforms that you can use to find a job as a freelance data entry. You can try these platforms :  Fiverr , Flexgigzz, Upwork and Golance 

You need to understand what does ‘a client needs?’. Do they need quality or quantity? If you want to get the client that need quality then you must leverage your typing skill and speed. But if you prefer client who pay cheap and don’t really care about the quality, you can place contextually lower bid to attract such client. 

Landing a data entry job in Flexgigzz  

First you create account as freelancer and complete your profile.  Then you seek out data entry jobs posted by employers.  After that you can propose for the project. Make sure to create an attractive profile to attract employers.   

Data entry seems an easy task to do. However, you also need to prepare the skills for it. There are lots of data entry jobs on the internet. Please make sure you already check your clients as many of them are a scam.   

Source : Quora Flexgigzz Space  

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