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Make Remote Working Success for Business 

Despite The COVID-19 Vaccine already started and the pandemic soon (hopefully) will be gone, but the remote working will still remain. Many workers and business feel the advantage of remote working, however applying remote working is not easy. So, how to Make Remote Working Success for Business and not put your employees in distress situations?

Working with remote teams is rife with challenges from communication difficulties to technology mishaps, from team members logging in to the company server using unsecured devices. All businesses have to deal with it to make remote working success for business.  

In this guide, we’ll discuss five best practices to make remote working success for business

Set up  a communication plan

There is a barrier in communication, especially if you have many remote teams work across time zones, and it’s no surprise that communication is one of the top challenges of working remotely. 

Make Remote Working Success for Business 
Crystal Clear communication is essential for remote work

Team managers must decide which communication channels to use in order to improve communication in a remote work setup, set daily meeting schedules and check-ins to keep everybody in the loop and on the same page. When you leading remote teams, your communication strategy should not be focused solely on work. You can use it for casual chat or virtual games to strengthen the bonding between team. 

Invest in the right technology tools

Choose the right technology tools to  communicate  with the team.   It doesn’t mean you have to pay the pricy one.  You can use social media group for free  if your team feel comfortable with it.  Even, if your team comfortable with just Whats app group then that’s ok.   

Here we are going to list remote work tool kits for small business that may include : 

  • Mobile hotspots 
  • Video cameras and headsets 
  • Team chat apps (ex: Slack, workplace,whats app, skype)  
  • Video conferencing software (ex: Zoom and Google Meet) 
  • Cloud storage (ex: Google Drive and OneDrive) 
  • Screen-sharing software (ex: TeamViewer and Skype) 
  • Time management apps (ex: RescueTime and Tomato Timer) 
  • Time-tracking and scheduling apps (ex: Toggl and Clockify) 
  • Online office suites (ex: Microsoft Office and Google Workspace) 
  • Task management apps (ex: Asana and Trello) 
  • Project and team management apps (ex: Podio and Smartsheet) 
  • Note-taking tools (ex: Evernote and Notion) 
  • Security apps (ex: virtual private networks or VPNs, antivirus software, password managers, and online backup tools)

Set reasonable goals and Expectations 

The challenge in remote working is to measure productivity of the employees.  The attendance of zoom meeting and  frequency of logged in slack are not  proper way to measure the productivity.

If you use the surveillance software to  monitor your employees during remote work, it will hurt their trust. So the best thing you can do to make sure their productivity is by result.  Check the complete details to measure your team productivity here.  

As a manager or business owner, you should communicate what you expect from your team clearly. Because your staff may be awesome, but they surely cannot read minds.  You can discuss  your expectations like individual target, team goals, and working hours.  

Provide social support

Remote workers are prone to loneliness. Without the informal social interaction inherent in office settings, it’s no surprise that loneliness is another major drawback of remote work. 

Make Remote Working Success for Business 
Social support your remote team

As such, it’s critical that business owners and managers develop a work environment that encourages social connections among remote staff. You can  create  a friendly social remote working environment by  doing simple things like Celebrate successes  or birthday  in chat channels, as well as during meetings and check-ins. You can also Create a dedicated chat room where everyone can talk about anything under the sun, such as their day-to-day activities, pets, hobbies, etc. 

Cyber Security 

No matter the size of your company, if you work with customer data, security is an absolute priority, especially if you operate in a regulated industry, such as finance or health care. 

To keep data secure, consider the following: 

  • Institute a cybersecurity policy: Ensure all employees know that securing data is both the company’s and their responsibility by requiring them to review and sign your organization’s cybersecurity policy.  
  • Make sure all connections to the internet are secure: Whether they’re connecting to the internet from home or elsewhere.  
  • Keep antivirus and antimalware software updated: All endpoints used to connect to the company network such as laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, and even IoT (Internet of Things) devices  must have up-to-date antivirus.  
  • Exercise password safety: Educate employees on the importance of keeping their passwords strong and secure.

You can try to apply those best practices and let us know the outcome. If you need remote talents for your projects or business, you can go to Flexgigzz.com and sign up as an employer.

Source: www.fool.com

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