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Simple Habits List For Effective Freelance Developer

As a freelance developer, you must want to have a good reputation and more clients. You also want to complete the project easily and quickly. So, here are the simple habits that you can start to practice to make you an effective freelance developer. 

Writing clean, readable code

The first good habit that has the potential to make you a successful developer is to write a clean code. you are not just writing code for machines, but for your future self too. You can follow any coding standard you like but make sure your code is human readable.  So, make your code maintainable enough that others can also make changes to your code whenever needed in the future.  

You must consistent in naming. if you name private variables with underscore as the first letter, you should follow through in the rest of your code. 

If you are working with team, you must  discuss naming conventions before anyone touches the code.  

Planning Before Coding   

Writing code is like writing an essay in different language.  Knowing exactly what to do before you hit the first key is important. It is necessary to plan ahead in the programming world. Without a simple procedure in mind, beginning to code can always lead to retries, burnouts and a depression loop. 

Attention to Details  

You need to pay attention to the specifics of the client requirement and function accordingly in order to write a perfect code or to successfully complete a project. Because of a tiny semicolon that you failed to add before terminating a line of code, you might not want to work on a piece of code over and over again. Therefore, to be in the group of good developers, keep your eyes open and attend to any little aspect of the code and the project as a whole. 

Learn to Debug Smartly  

Experience is the best teacher, but it will take longer times. Plus, if you are a lazy person to make a note, the experience will just gone with the wind.  

Browsers are now equipped with a very capable of Developer Tools or DevTools for short that comes with error detection, breakpoint setting, expression tracking, performance checking, all for your debugging convenience. IDEs like Aptana Studio 3 and Xamarin Studio are even released with their own powerful built-in debugger, so investing the time to learn them can make your life much easier.  

You can also get to know how to do defensive programming and debugging on Flexgigzz short course here.

Get The Right Editor   

The right editors can help you grow in knowledge, and expedite project completion. It is recommended for you to go for editors with code completion, such as Sublime TextVisual Studio Code, and Aptana Studio 3. 

Knowing Your Strength and Open for new things

You may be good at developing UI and UX but may not be an expert at developing the back-end. So, a developer must know their strong point and work around that to succeed in whatever they do. However, to meet a client’s expectations a developer may be required to do more research and exploring many aspects of technology. For example you can learn functional programming in Haskell to supercharge your coding.

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