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Steps of How to be a Python Freelancer

Python is the hottest programming language currently that everyone most talked about and most search online. Have a career as a python freelancer seems so tempting and promising as it has a good income. So, if you interested here are the Steps of How to be a Python Freelancer.

Wherever you want, and whenever you want, you can work. That is the kind of independence offered by freelancing. Freelancing gives you chances to become a freelance Python programmer who is self-employed.  So, what are the steps of how to be a Python freelancer? Check these following steps :

Learn the Basic Python. 

First of all, you don’t need to be an expert in Python. But, you should have a knowledge of  basic concepts like data structures, functions, conditional statements, loops, etc. Then you should be able to find a solution using Python. So, understanding the logic of the program is very important. While you are learning, try to develop your logical skills so that you will be able to solve complex problems when you do freelancing works. 

Python is the most simple, popular, and powerful language out there. That is why everyone is going for Python. Even the universities are now using Python as the introductory programming language to teach their students. Learning Python basics is easy compared to any other programming language. Python is the most beginner-friendly programming language in the world. It is very close to the English language.  

You can start learn Python here 

Python specialist  

Since Python is a simple language, so, anyone can learn the basics of the python easily. Hence, there are a lot of Python programmers out there. Therefore, you need to find your niche and become a specialist at something. 

You can become a master in web development with Django or Flask, machine learning, web scraping, ethical hacking, Ai or data science.  

Teach Python Online 

Python is rapidly growing as a programming language, primarily due to the boom of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Hence, the demand for this language is high. Thus, teaching python can be an option for you who likes to teach.  

There are a lot of people out there who wants to learn Python language and most of them are beginners in programming. So, it will be easy for you to teach those people who are below your level. Somehow when you teach other, you also leveraging your skill.  You can join Flexgigzz Course to teach Python online.   

Steps of How to be a Python Freelancer
As a programming language Python is quite easy to learn

Get the Freelance Jobs  

For start you can look for local clients, but if there aren’t any local clients you can search online.  You can create your profile on freelancer platform like  Upwork, Fiverr and Flexgigzz.   Then you create your service or gig with the price.    

If you do not have any working history, do some personal projects and add them to your portfolio.  So, the potential clients can see your work.  

Steps of How to be a Python Freelancer
Python ecosystem

When you get clients and complete your works for them, add those details to your portfolio. As your portfolio becomes packed with working experiences and projects, you can attract more clients.  

Set The Price for Your Work  

At the beginning you can charge less for your works. As you become more and more experienced, you can increase your hourly rate and thereby increase your income. According to the recent surveys, Python freelance programmers earn 108,082 USD per annum (Ziprecruiter), which is around 52$ per hour. 

Getting the first client might be hard at the beginning. But, once you deal with some clients, you will understand the whole process. Then, you can maintain existing clients or get referrals and testimony from them  to get new clients.  

Source : www.pythonistaplanet.com

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