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Top Skills For Freelance Front End Developer

Front-end developers are the people who design and develop them until a website can run. To be a front-end developer the basic skill that you must have are  HTML and CSS for layout.  While the programming language is JavaScript, which makes the site interactive 

Learning front-end development is the fastest way to get a career in technology. Besides that, the job demand for front-end developers is huge. This kind of job can be full time or freelance and can be done remotely.  


HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is the standard markup language used to create web pages. A markup language is a way of making notes in digital documents. HTML is the most basic thing you need to develop a website. 

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a programming language used to represent the HTML files that you have created. HTML serves to build the foundation of your website, while CSS is used to adjust the website layout, colors, fonts, and all other styles. 


If you want to create a simple website, HTML and CSS are enough. But to incorporate them, if you need interactive features like audio, video games, or animation, then you need JavaScript. 

There is a library for different plug-ins and extensions named jQuery within JavaScript. JQuery makes it quicker and simpler to use JavaScript. Popular tasks that need to be written in JavaScript code lines can be written with only one code line using jQuery. 

3 must skills for front end developer

You can learn how to code for website here  

 Framework CSS and Javascript  

The CSS and JavaScript system is a set of CSS or JavaScript files that sharing similar functions, help you perform specific tasks. For example, you don’t get a blank document text when you log into a website or search for a blog because it already has JavaScript code in it. 

You may also concurrently use several frameworks. For instance, combining Bootstrap with AngularJS is what is usually done. The content of the website is handled by Angular, while Bootstrap displays it. 

CSS Preprocessing

Sass, LESS or Stylus are some examples of preprocessors for CSS. In a much simpler way, you can write or change code. The CSS preprocessor will then translate the code into CSS that will run on your website later on. 

Version Control/GIT

After a lot of revisions in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, you want to track your work. So you need a control program such as Stalwart Git. It is a tool that you can use to track those modifications so that you can go back to a previous version of your work and figure out what went wrong without breaking down the entire thing. 


For web creation, there are a few different testing methods. Functional testing looks at a specific aspect of the site’s functionality (such as a form or database) and ensures that it does what you’ve programmed it to do. 

Testing is a major part of the phase of front-end growth, but luckily, it’s another field where frameworks are available to support you. Programs like Mocha and Jasmine are designed to speed up the testing process and simplify it. 

Designing Website Front End

Browser Developer Tools

All modern web browsers are equipped with developer tools. This tool helps you to do specific tests and tidy up your website in the browser. Browser developer tools generally consist of an inspector and a JavaScript console.  

 Web Performance 

Web performance is the amount of time your website takes to load. If you experience this, there are several ways you can do, including: optimizing images and minimizing CSS and JavaScript without interrupting their functions.
Programs that can help you do this include: Grunt and gulp.  

Once you have the skills, you have to market your service.  Talk to everyone you know and make sure they know you are looking to take on clients. Hand out cards. Make a profile at freelancer platforms like Upwork, FlexgigzzToptal.  It will be much better if you display your works and don’t be shy about self-promoting.  Create your profile as a freelance Front end developer now and display your work on Flexgigzz here.  

Source : skillcrush.com, Quora  

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