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Top Skills Needed for A Freelance Game Developer

The game industry is booming. The global gaming market is at USD 151.55 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 256.97 billion by 2025. The Gaming Market segmented by the Game Type (Console, Tablet, Smartphone, Downloaded/Box PC, Browser PC), and Geography. That makes high demand of Freelance Game Developer. 

Developing a game can take months and years or even only days for the simplest game. Game development is an essential process to create a successful addictive game. Along with the booming of the game industry, many people interested in being a freelance game developer. It is a high paying freelance job, and you can do it remotely.

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To be a successful freelance game developer, you need to develop these essential skills 

freelance game developer
Game developer


If you start from  the scratch, then you need  to know  basic coding for game. To get into the game industry as a programmer, at a minimum, you need to be very proficient with C, C++, and C#. You can also learn other Popular coding languages like  Python and JavaScript.  

There are many tutorials on the internet to learn those coding languages. You can start to practice for 30 minutes every day. Nobody says it will be easy, but if you are devoted to a career as a game developer, you will master it.  

Freelance game developer
Coding game

Graphics 2D and 3D 

You want to make your game 2D or 3D?.  Linear algebra is heavily used in 3D games, and you can expect to be tested on it as well. You can learn Adobe Animate for animation. You can use  Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for 2D graphics effects. Another excellent resource for online courses is BYOL to know any of these programs above. You can also use Maya to building complex 3D characters. You can check about animation here.

animated graphic

Game Engines  

Game engines are software for game designers to quickly and easily code and plan a game without designing one from the ground up. They provide tools to assist in asset development and placement, whether they are 2D or 3D based. You can choose engines that comfortable for you. There is Unity, Godot, GameMaker, Solar2D, Panda3D and many more.  Try to search the tutorial on youtube to use it.  

Story Telling 

What makes the game feels real and addicted is storytelling. Tell a story that the player lives through. The story creates a framework on which you can hang or drape your game. It doesn’t have to be a complicated story. It can be a simple story with one purpose. Tetris purpose is to stack the bricks in order. Angry Birds has the goal of destroying the greedy pigs. Every game has a goal that is encapsulated in the storytelling.  You can learn to write story here.

Creativity and Market Knowledge

To come up with original game ideas and dream up incredible virtual worlds, you need the spark of creativity. At the same time, you need to have an intimate understanding of market tastes and preferences. Game is human activity, so you need to create game that captive player’s interest and retain it.  

Communication skills

Communication skill is a soft skill that you need to have. Many programmers lack in this area.  However, to succeed as a game designer, you will need to communicate your vision and ideas to other project team members like visual artists, producers, music and sound effects specialists, and marketers. Especially if you are working remotely. A simple thing to do to create clear communication is to ask if you don’t understand. It needs practice because many problems are the result of miscommunication.   

Loves to freelancing in the game industry?  

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Source :  murdoch.kaplan.com ; Quora Flexgigzz Space 


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