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Top Skills to Have For a Freelance Data Scientist

Harvard Business Review on 2012  mentioned that  Data Scientist  is the  sexiest  job of 21st century. Since that many people interested to be  a data scientist. The good thing of data science job is  it can be done as a freelancer or remote worker. 

Many companies now are looking to recruit freelance data scientists. Data scientist will evaluate patterns, solve complex problems, and derive value from large volumes of data. According to  Ziprecruiter a freelance data scientist  can earn  around  $100,349/year.    

So, if you interested to be a data scientist you must possess the technical skills and also non-technical skills. You can also learn data science and AI (artificial intelligence) here 

Technical skills 

Here are list of technical  skill that  you need to master to be a data scientist.


For freelance data scientists, Python is perfect. Almost all the steps involved in the processes of data science use Python. Python programming has a clear and quick learning curve.  Many data scientists consider it to be simple to use with improved readability and easy-to-use syntax. The coding language of Python is also useful for developing data analytics tools. It can provide deeper insights, compare data from large datasets, and understand trends. If you still don’t have skill in python, you can learn Python here 

R  Language

R is a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. Many leading technology companies like  banks, analysts and consulting firms use R programming language.  In order to solve statistical problems, many freelance data scientists tend to use the R programming language. Because it is explicitly designed for data science. 

SQL (Structured Query Language) 

SQL is the standard language for relational database management systems. It is used to manage and organize data in all sorts of systems in which various data relationships exist.  

For freelance data scientists, this programming language is important.  Because it can  perform tasks such as adding, deleting, removing, or taking action on information in a relational database. 

Apache Spark 

Apache Spark is an open-source distributed general-purpose cluster-computing framework.  It is designed to support a wide range of tasks in data analytics, including quick loading of data and SQL queries, as well as computational machine learning and streaming. The strength of Apache Spark is its speed and platform.  Apache stark is simple to use in data science projects. Freelance data scientists will carry out analytics, including data intake and computing distribution, with Apache Spark. 

Nontechnical skills 

Communication skills 

Usually, freelance data scientists have to show their scientific results to non-technical teams of consumers, such as sales and marketing.  Since business owners and non technical teams  are from various background , you  need to make it simple.  Use the non technical words that people can understand.  Most of the time your clients don’t care about the process, they just want the result and your finding and how it can affect their business. 

Analytic Skill  

Freelance data scientists have to be analytical thinkers, which means that before formulating opinions or making decisions on the topic, they critically evaluate facts on any given problem. 

 Industry knowledge 

It is important for  you to understand how the industry works.  You can attend seminars, conferences, and other business activities whenever feasible. Or at least you do some online research about the industry. Because, the successful freelance data scientists must have a good understanding of the terms and concepts of whatever industry they’ll be working in.  

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Source : Insureon.com 

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