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How Much Money Can You Save by Working from Home?

According to new research from Tehama, 85 percent of full-time American employees would like to work remotely for the indefinite future. While 83 percent of American employees claiming it would allow them to address important life goals. More than half would even quit their present permanent job and change job to work from home.


It is also estimated that remote employees can save about $4,000 a year by remote working. They can save money from expenses like coffee, lunches, and a professional wardrobe. Teleworking also has made a 20 percent reduction in employee turnover rates. It also shows 60 percent decrease in employee absenteeism.The numbers are according to a new report from the International Telework Organization and Council. 

Saving Money

Remote Working for Companies

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Researchers in recent guidelines released stated that telework decreases coronavirus outbreaks in a population.  These numbers are especially relevant as coronavirus spikes ravage the industrial midwest. 

“Businesses and employers should promote alternative work site options, such as teleworking, where possible, to reduce exposures to SARS-CoV-2. According to the researchers in the report.  


COVID-19 would continue to some extent in the western world even with an effective vaccine. It is expected by 2021 the pandemic will be over. But that does not eliminate the importance of interventions for public health. If you commute, you know that commuting can be expose you with germs.


American employees spend between $2,000 and $5,000 on transport per year. They also spend 225 hours on commuting annually. That’s a lot of time and resources. Data shows that Americans spend 13% of their household expenditure on transportation. That number is  according to the institution for Transportation and Developmental Policy reports. 


Personal vehicles accounted for the largest amount of transportation expenditures in 2017. There was a total of $1.1 trillion from almost 90% of total transportation expenditures. Transportation costs made up the fourth largest expenditure among American households. They spent an average of $9,737 each on transportation costs. 

The average daily commute U.S. workers in 2015 was 26 minutes. While between April and July of this year, workers in each county of the US saved up to 1.5 million hours every week on commute. 

Bye Bye Busy Urban Lifestyle

According to a recent survey published by Upwork, it is revealed that 14 to 23 million Americans are planning to abandon busy urban life thanks to remote work opportunities.

Meta research has consistently shown that working remotely decreases the commute stress of workers. It is also addresses poor patterns in work-life balance that insiders have been focusing on for years.

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