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Want to Shift to Remote Working Job? You Need to Put These Things on Your CV

Wanting to have a remote job? or planning to change your current position to a remote job?.  Well, you are not alone. The pandemic has made us think that remote job is safer than must commute to the office. Even currently competition for remote positions is increasing. LinkedIn reported that since March 2020, the number of remote job listings has almost tripled. 

According to a remote career consultant, Fabrizia Zanca. If you  want to apply remote job, the focus should not be your personal journey. You must focus on the past virtual experiences and skills make you the best fit for this job.   Craft your resume to what company needs and expects from you.  

So, here is what you need to do with your CV 

Resume and CV  

Put clear language about working remotely on your resume and CV. Put  your time zones and location.  Mention that  you are  like to work remote with good reason.  According to Brie Weiler Reynolds, a career development manager and coach at FlexJob . “If you’ve worked from home occasionally or regularly you can write it too”. You can also put your online certification. 

Edit resume and CV

Tech Skill  

Make sure that your virtual tech abilities are shown prominently. If you know how to use a platform like Asana or Slack then make it clear on your CV. You can list your remote tool experience on your CV and resume.  

Cover Letter  

Your cover letter should support why you’re a great remote worker. How you can support the company by doing remote work. Emphasized that your cover letter should support why you make a good remote worker, not why you personally want to work from home.  You can make this case by describing how much your performance has advanced during whatever time during the pandemic you worked from home. 

Remote Skills  

Bear in mind that recruiting executives who scan the work application are searching for crucial remote skills.  Recruiters are looking for these following skills from remote workers. flexibility, such as responding to the unknown with little guidance and taking initiative. Adaptability, such as managing shifting priorities, relationship-building and the ability to gain trust and buy-in from customers or leadership. The last is  the ability to prioritize multiple projects and the ability to close the loop on pending decisions. 


Do not write “Seeking remote job opportunities” on your profile. Instead better leaving the “About” section of your LinkedIn profile blank.  Or, You can   improve your  Linkedin headline, by using a site like Wordclouds to show you which keywords are used most in job descriptions for those roles. Use what you find to make your headline statement specific. 

If  you don’t have any virtual or remote job experience  don’t be upset. Remote job coach Jordan Carroll, said you can identify the skills  that you are lack for the roles you want. You can make a list of the people in your network who are already in that role.  Asking them to work with you for a while as a mentor. So,  you’re not only getting experience for your résumé, you’re getting real-world practice for the job you want.  

You can also try to find a remote job on a freelancer platform like Flexgigzz. List your skills and start to market your freelance online service. Start from the little money. Then you gradually you can increase your service fee when you have enough experience.


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