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23 Roles To Consider When Planning For A Career Shift in 2023

Many of us have changed the way we work over the past year, from the “great resignation” to reconsidering hybrid models and portfolio careers as freelancers working from home. Others saw the shifting careers of the deckchairs as an opportunity to reach their career goals.

Maybe 2023 will be the year of your change? Here are a few potential job paths for you to consider for your career.


Behind The Scenes

We are not all equipped to lead an organization, serve on the front lines, perform on the main stage, or pursue the constant sale as independent contractors. Here are a few positions that are better suited to vocations that provide significant behind-the-scenes contributions to the final output.

1. Lighting Designer

According to Richard Vabre, in order to be a successful lighting designer, you must be able to recognize the emotional clues in the work you are observing.

2. Set Designer

A job in stage design can be right for you if you’re cooperative, well-organized, and able to mix technical and artistic abilities, according to Ailsa Paterson. That might be your ideal career.

3. Studio Assistant

Mirra Whale works as Ben Quilty’s studio assistant while juggling her own art career. Her work is “an extra pair of hands, abilities, and labor that allows an artist to complete their creations,” as she puts it.

4. Museum Preparator

Are you physically fit and passionate about natural history? Dean Smith, a Museum Preparator with 30 years of experience at the Melbourne Museum, might defleish washed-up whales or record taxidermy information for researchers as part of his regular duties.

5. Art Installer

Andrew Hawley, who prepares exhibitions and installs art from Mona’s Collection, explains how he transitioned from the hospitality industry to the arts and why he finds cat mummies comforting. He summarizes his duties as, “basically, I prepare artwork and other culturally relevant stuff for storage, exhibition, and loan, and aid with exhibition/display installation.”

6. Scribe

According to Deborah Vanderwerp, being a scribe is a challenging but gratifying job that needs trust and a synergy of processes. In essence, she continues, “I write down what someone else has dictated to me.”


Making A Difference

The community and viewers benefit much from the arts, both in terms of entertainment and other aspects of wellbeing. While many of us work in the fields of product creation or venue and organization management, others are drawn to the idea of pursuing careers that delve further into the social justice and care aspects of the arts.

7. Clown Doctor

In Australia, there are now over 70 clown doctors working in hospitals. Clown Doctor Sabrina Chan D’Angelo has been one for almost ten years. She shares her perspectives on a performing arts career that demands a complex mix of acting and interpersonal abilities in order to flourish.

8. CEO of Disability Art Centre

Working with artists with disabilities may be be in your future if you have a sense of humor, feel that everyone should have access to art, and are an excellent communicator. Gabrielle Mordy, CEO and Artistic Director of Studio A, claims that her duties range from curation to giving presentations to corporate sponsors.

9. Manager of an Aboriginal Art Center

Working remotely on Country offers benefits and challenges. The qualifications and duties of managing an Aboriginal art center are described by Bryce Hartnett of Keringke Arts.

10. Festival Access Manager for Sculpture

What’s it like to be Meghan Kennedy, who manages the education, access, and inclusion programs for the yearly outdoor art festival Sculpture by the Sea?


Specialist Careers

There are plenty of them in the arts, from glass blowers to paper conservators. If you have a passion for something specific, you’ll probably be able to foster it through the arts.

11. Composer For Movies and Television

Nigel Westlake, an Australian composer, offers advice on breaking into the screen music business and argues that this profession demands you to “control your ego.”

12. Literary Agent

Being a literary agent requires many various ways to support authors, while having a passion for literature is a requirement. Alex Adsett offers guidance after working in the publishing and bookselling industries for more than 25 years and owning her own business.

13. Art Consultant

According to Anna Waldmann, being an art adviser requires a lot of phone conversations, gallery visits, and study.

14. Choreographer

Eliza Cooper, a freelance dancer and choreographer, discusses the many facets of her line of work and demonstrates the appeal of interdisciplinary approaches.

15. Juggler

Byron Hutton reveals what it takes and how the internet is assisting the profession in light of a new ambitious production that will challenge preconceived notions about juggling.

16. Audio Book Producer

How are other people’s words read aloud and translated into audiobooks? Sarah Bacallar, a seasoned producer, describes her work journey. That might be your ideal career.

17. Ceramic Artist

Vipoo Srivilasa discusses the enthusiasm that propelled him to where he is today, from falling in love at first touch to establishing a successful profession as a ceramic artist.


Flexible Freelancing

Do you find it difficult to work with others and prefer to handle your own schedule, goals for your job, expectations, and finances? Then, here are a few gig and freelance occupations that might be your ideal career.

18. TV and Film Extra

Being an extra on set might be interesting if you don’t mind hanging around for a while. Richard Castles is a casual film and television extra because he has to generate money while working on his first book as a freelance writer.

19. Performance Photographer

Pia Johnson explains how performance photography captures the joy of a live act by doing more than just pressing the shutter.

20. Freelance Arts Writer and Editor

Freelance writer and editor Doug Wallen says he is “fortunate to write about stuff I adore.” There is a lot of juggling, but every day is planned around deadlines, he claims. I do a variety of different types of copywriting, including research, conducting and transcribing interviews, writing reviews, planning and promoting gigs, locating songs for radio, and organizing and promoting events.

21. Cruise Performer

Entertainer Neven Connelly discusses some of the potential for this distinctive traveling job as cruising makes a comeback.


Leadership Dreams

When your blue-sky thinking is rooted in reality and ambition and you have no concept of a glass ceiling or a ladder to climb, you are destined to be leading our sector. A few jobs that take the lead are listed below.

22. Festival Director for Fringe

Kerri Glasscock, CEO and Festival Director of Sydney Fringe, talks about the qualities necessary to lead NSW’s largest independent arts festival. She describes how she started out as a country kid with huge goals and a passion for acting.

23. Library Manager

Although the work of librarians has changed due to the availability of internet resources, Hayley Webster, Library Manager of Museums Victoria, asserts that their specialized knowledge and skill set will never be replaced. She claims that because the position demands quick answers to shifting organizational objectives and goals, it is best suited to someone with broad experience, ideally in a particular library context.


Source: artshub.com.au


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