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Going Freelance in Year 2021

Due to pandemic, in 2020 many individuals have seen their work schedules becoming more flexible as remote work has become increasingly the norm. Even after the pandemic, several businesses are making preparations to keep it that way. So, we are going to discuss about going freelance in Year 2021.

Working remotely always means reporting to a supervisor, to your boss. You must be available at set hours and having little control about the duties.  While to have more flexible job you might be to go freelance.  By Going Freelance in Year 2021 you have the freedom work the hours that suit you best, and become your own boss. 

These are just some of the advantages that self-employment provides. There are also tax advantages (the ability to write off some business expenses) and you can also earn more as a freelancer than as a salaried employee, depending on the circumstances. Yet self-employment, too, has its disadvantages. You should consider them before going freelance in 2021, given the state of the economy. 

Things to Consider  

When you work for yourself, you lose some benefits salaried workers receive, like subsidized health insurance, paid time off, and the stability of a regular paycheck. And while there are always risks involved in freelancing, right now, those risks are a bit elevated. 

Going Freelance in Year 2021
Remote Working

Though it’s never a good idea to go without health insurance, right now, that would be particularly dangerous, given the pandemic. But the cost of paying for health insurance on your own could really eat into your budget definitely something worth considering. Especially if you or family members   get ill during pandemic.  While your freelance business may not boom, and you may find that your earnings take a hit initially.

Things to Prepare Before Freelancing 

Before going freelancing you need to prepare  

Emergency Fund 

 At the first of freelancing time, you might not get income that you expected.  Your earnings may take a hit or be unsteady when you leave your job, so it’s important to have a minimum of three to six months’ worth of living expenses in your saving account.  

Health Insurance  

Leave your job might means lost your health insurance.    Therefore, it will be good if you prepare yourself and family with health insurance.  you can search the health insurance that fit your budget and give you benefit.  

Going Freelance in Year 2021
Health Insurance

Test the waters  

While you still have a steady pay check you can try to market your skill as freelancer. Reach out to your contacts and see who’s interested in hiring you once your schedule frees up. You can also try to find freelance jobs that you can  do during your spare time, search the freelance  remote job  here . Take on a few side projects while still fully employed to see what it’ll be like to work independently. If you’re going freelance in the same industry you now work in, find out if your employer has non-compete rules and avoid conflicts of interest.  

Although freelancing in 2021, you might work well, be careful when you go this path, and carefully think things through. There’s nothing wrong with that if you plan to stick with your salaried jobs a little longer. Retaining any degree of stability could be a smart move when the economy is in shambles and there is a major health problem plaguing the country. 

You can start  your freelancing career on Try searching the remote and freelancing jobs that fit to your  skills and get the payment on project based.  You can choose  the clients  project that you would like to do and also posting your  freelance service on Flexgigzz.  Besides that, Flexgigzz also provides short courses to develop your skills  as a freelancer.


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