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Starting Career as a Freelance Writer

Career as a Freelance Writer

COVID-19 pandemic has led to many layoffs and unemployment as many companies must close their stores and factories as government restrictions to limit the spread of the virus.  If you got laid off by your company and you find it’s difficult to find a settled job in an uncertain situation like now, perhaps it’s time you try to be a freelancer.  

If you love words, stories, and reading you might try to get income from writing. You might try to be a freelance writer.  You can post a sample of your articles on freelancer platform websites such as   Fiverr, Upwork, and Flexgigzz.   

How to start a career as a freelance writer?  

Here are 10 easy steps that you can follow to start your career as a freelance writer.  You don’t need to have a set of qualifications to write several topics.  All you need to have is passion and interest in writing such a topic and develop your own writing style. 

1. Know Yourself  

Who are you? what is your background? what topic that you like most to write and never tired of it ?. You can ask those three questions to yourself before starting your career as a writer. It doesn’t mean that you cannot change your writing specialty during the way, but having a niche target market will make it easier to brand yourself as a writer.  

You can choose a niche topic like  

  •  Legal writing if you have a legal background  
  •  Traveling  
  •  Cooking  
  •  Photography  
  •  Yoga and Fitness  
  •  Business and Finance if you have MBA degree or experience as a businessman   
  •  Hobbies and other topics

2. Research and practice 

Research the topic that you choose and how you will develop the topic. Read as much as possible about the topic then check the keywords on google trends when you would like to write an article. Practice makes perfect, so keep on writing to hone your writing skills. 

3. Blog or Website 

You can start to build your own blog and later you can upgrade it to website.  You can post your articles on your blog and update it regularly.   Blog and website   are goods to build your personal brand in writing as you can also put your personal resume and tagline on your blog or website.   Your personal brand might write “HR practitioner and writer all aspects about recruitment and candidate interview” or “Green Fashion Enthusiast”.  Your personal tagline must describe your niche writing. 

4.  Facebook and Linkedin Page   

Create Facebook and Linkedin page, social media is an effective and cheapest way to spread your work and articles. You can put a link to your articles on your website or blog on your Facebook or Linkedin page. The page is different from your personal account. A page will make you look more professional. 

5.  Online Publishing Platform 

Besides social media, you can also spread your articles and your expertise at Online Publishing Platform like MediumHub Pages, and Live Journal.  Besides you can also use Quora to start answer questions that related to your expertise or experience. 

6.  Freelancer Marketplace  

You can write a great sample of your article and then post it on a freelancer marketplace platform such as Fiverr, Upwork, and  Flexgigzz. Create a gig that unique and describes your niche target. 

7.  Join Freelancer Groups 

There are plenty of freelancer groups on Facebook and Linkedin that you can join and you can start to pitch a project there. You can also build networking with other freelancers.   One of the Facebook Freelancer groups that you can join for free is Flexgigzz Freelancer group. 

8. Start to write your book or digital book.  

If you have an interest in writing a book you can check step by step the instructions here Step by Step The  Instructions to Write a Book or Digital Book.

9. Writing Job Boards. 

There are some writing job board websites that you can join. You can apply and join the writer community on these websites.  

You can check the writing projects on the platform and start apply for the projects.  

10. Testimonials from your clients 

The testimonial is important to build a reputation for a freelancer.  One good testimonial can bring more clients.  You can ask your clients to write some words about how your work has done or the experience working with you. 

By Flexgigzz Team  

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