Having a Thriving Freelance Career After Being Laid Off

Having a Thriving Freelance Career After Being Laid Off

Being laid off is not easy. Especially if you already spent some years on that office.  One of the millenials  has turned that grieve into opportunity.   Mandy Shunnarah was a customer service for six years.  Then in September 2020 she was laid off from her job. That’s the beginning of her start a thriving freelance career after being laid off.  As she always wanted to write full-time and had been freelancing as her side hustle for years. That’s when she took her severance money from her previous employer amounted $20,000 and make it as a capital.  

Quoted from Business Insider, Mandy said that¬†“I went through the stages of grief very quickly.¬† ‘Oh my God, I’m suddenly unemployed. What am I going to do?'”¬†

“Then, I realized, ‘It’s during the pandemic, no one’s hiring really right now. Maybe I should make a go of this¬†self-employed¬†thing.”¬†

Freelance Career
Mandy Shunnarah

Mandy used her severance towards bill and mortgage payment for four months. So, she could focus on start freelancing.  She also put her money on her online vintage shop that support her income and made sure her credit cards were paid off.  

Mandy¬† made¬†decision¬† to¬†use the severance money to invest in herself, rather that saving for long term goals.¬† Mandy said¬†“I was thinking, ‘How can I build up my client base and really get it out there that I’m accepting work.’ And I’m doing these things so that by the time that ‘severance¬†startup¬†capital’ runs out, I’ll be fully sustainable. Once I started thinking about it like that, it was an absolute game-changer.”¬†

She was inspired by seeing this money as an investment in herself rather than money from a layoff. “I’m happy to report that my perseverance paid off. Within four months, I was making money, and it has continued to develop since then “she said¬†

She’s worked to make her writing career as successful as possible, working with clients on projects ranging from magazines to copywriting. And her vintage shop helps add as second income that’s more passive than writing.¬†

Mandy also said that,¬†“It looks like I’m working twice as many hours as I did at my old day job and making half as much money. But I do not care because I’m so, so happy,” she told Insider. “I took that severance and I bought myself freedom.”¬†

Freelance Career

There are a lot of things that you can do as a side hustle and freelancing is one of the promising careers that you can choose. You can invest in yourself to upgrade your skill before have Thriving Freelance Career. you can have professional online courses at Soho Learning Hub, then once you master the skill you can start freelancing on Flexgigzz.com

Source : businessinsider.com 


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