How to be a freelancer if I don’t have skills?

How to be a freelancer if I don’t have skills?

Can I  become a freelancer without specific skill ?

It is the question of many people who want to start freelancing. What skill should I offer if I don’t have a particular skill like programming and writing? In fact, you can start freelancing and without having specific skills, but of course, as time goes by you need to develop some skills to increase your bargain position in the freelance market.   

I want to be a freelancer  but I don’t have special skill

If currently you feel you don’t have skill to offer as freelancer perhaps you can consider this to start your freelance career: 

  1. Data entry job  

You can start your freelance career from data entry. Compare to other freelance jobs data entry earns a lower income. But everything must have a beginning and you can’t expect something big at the start.  You must start to create your own gig and bidding for projects.    

      2. Micro jobs  

There are simple jobs where you just need to do a review, sign up a website, testing mobile applications, and write comments on social media.  Indeed, you cannot expect a big money form that project.  Some websites offer small jobs with payment vary from $0.1-$0.5 for every completed task. 

  1. Freelance before quit full time job  

There is no easy money, even freelancers have to build their network, credibility, and continue to develop their skills. So, before you dedicate your time to be a full freelancer you can start it when you still have a regular monthly income.  

  1. Choose market and decide what you like to do  

Freelancing is like building a business, you have to target your market and also consider what you like to do. If you only chase money when doing freelance but you don’t like what you do, then there is no difference between working at office and freelancing.  

  1.  Develop your skill and furnish your portfolio.  

Continue to develop your skill by learning and do projects.  It’s ok if you earn less than your expectation, the most important thing is you have a chance to learn new skills to develop. Once you master the skills you can put it on your portfolio and set a higher price.    

Everything includes freelancing needs efforts and time to enjoy a good income. There is no instant access to success but if you don’t start now, freelancing jobs that you’ve been dreaming of might end up as a dream only. So, you need to start working on your dream, with Flexgigzz you can start to put your profile as a freelancer and create a gig. if you have no idea how it works? You can check here

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