How To Build a Strong and Creative Remote Working Team?

How To Build a Strong and Creative Remote Working Team?

The pandemic has accelerated remote working.  As it forced many  countries to lockdown. So, many companies are working from home. With the  advanced technology and internet the company also can hire many talents from many countries to work remotely. Besides that,  the  freelancer and remote workers platform such as Fiverr, Upwork  and Flexgigzz  makes easier for company to hire talents globally.  

Remote working itself can be for freelancer or full-time worker. The job position depends on the company and the workers. Each of the position has its benefit and disadvantage. Not every function in company can be for freelancers. It is  also unnecessary for the company to hire full-time workers for several positions.  With the increase of remote working, a company needs to keep the remote team enjoyable to stay strong  and creative.  

Here  are how to do it:

Weekly Progress Meetings

Weekly progress meetings is important for remote team. As it is  not only as an opportunity to go over goals and progress on specific projects. It  is  also as an opportunity to build a strong company culture.  You can ask  people to share the progress  or share good news  and praise the colleagues who are  great.  This  thing can build friendship  within business. 

Daily Chit – Chat 

Schedule time to connect personally by having  five minutes online chit chat about trivial things. This can be a have a big  impact on communication, efficiency and effectiveness. It also can break the  culture and communication barrier. 

Weekly meeting and online hang out

Virtual Hang Out 

The real challenge for remote working is creating an environment to make people feel  they are  part of team.  You can make  the team member  feel connected by having a virtual  hang out. Such as example is virtual coffee breaks. As we are humans and still need relationships to feel connected with the team member

Connect OnlineWith Others   

One of the downfalls of remote working is the tendency to only communicate with people we already know and drift away from those we don’t. This can be a communication problem  between  cross department and cross communication culture. Manager or company can solve it by conducting virtual lunch where random people from  various department shall online together. 

Encouraging Openness, Feedback And Trust

Encourage an environment of openness and feedback with your remote team. You can do that by push activities like weekly one-on-one calls where everyone gets a chance to speak their mind.  Trust and Communication are the key to remote work team success.  

Manage a remote team that consists of many freelancers and remote workers from different countries is challenging.  The biggest challenge of it usually communication and cultural barriers. you can  counter the challenge by having trust, willingness to understand, and openness can reduce or even prevent the unnecessary conflict that might lessen the team’s productivity. 


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