How to sell yourself as a freelance designer: 7 tips and tricks.

How to sell yourself as a freelance designer: 7 tips and tricks.

How can you make yourself stand out from the pack in the busy freelance world and draw those customers you’ve always dreamed of having on your books? 

Whatever the discipline in design – be it web design, graphic design, visual art, animation, 3D art, VFX or other artistic fields – there are several tricks that will help your freelance company get off the ground. Here we’ve outlined some of the fundamentals to help you get started.  

Check out these 7 tips :

Pick your niche

Before you go out there and show off your design talents, first and foremost, it’s important that you realise just what you have to give. Having a trait that makes you distinctive from those in the industry will help make you stand out in what is always a saturated market. 

If you’ve nailed it down, tailor your design portfolio accordingly. Often try designing or commissioning a distinctive logo template for yourself and splashing it through all of your branded social media accounts.

Be a big fish in a little pond

Knowing which sort of customer or particular industry you would like to draw would also allow you to build a much more focused marketing approach, as it will influence how you set up online and where to search for potential customers for your freelance job. 

Can your special talents lend themselves to a single industry, for example, or have you built work for a variety of related clients that you can use to target their competitors? Finding a niche will also help you rapidly build up your reputation and, potentially, contribute to more jobs.

Begin your blogging 

Setting up a blog and updating it daily with snippets about your projects, business opinions and some personal stuff would all help you maximize your online visibility and give you a voice in the industry.

Create your Blog

Network on-line

Contacts are probably the best strength as a sole freelancer, whether you’re trying to sell online or offline. Open networks such as Twitter offer the ideal forum for you to participate in discussions with the broader world of design and create partnerships with your colleagues and future clients. 

Social networks also act as a forum for you to showcase your experience and earn some recognition. By sharing interesting and valuable content with others, you will become an influential voice in your industry and a demand-driven designer.

Using the Online Marketing Tool

There are so many free marketing strategies out there, ready and waiting for you to take advantage of them. As well as social networks and tweeting, there is also a vast potential to get some exposure with the use of a strong email marketing campaign. 

With a database of email addresses from current customers and a popular post on your blog to draw potential website users, you can send out a monthly or quarterly newsletter to keep people up to date on your latest ventures. MailChimp is only one simple and quick platform to help you get started.

Seek customer referrals

When you’ve got a great meeting with all of your customers, get them to yell about it. Don’t be afraid about asking your most happy customers for a few words about their experience working with you and the process as a whole, and making sure you post it through all your multimedia platforms. You never know, the last happy customer could be the winner of your next project.

Business Networking

Network in person

Offline networking at industry conventions, seminars or even social gatherings with other designers or companies will even help you get your name out there and offer chances to position your business card in the hands of prospective customers. After that, make sure you talk to your new connections online so that you can begin the chat that you began in person.

Source: Creativebloq

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