How to Start Career as A Freelance Content Writer?

How to Start Career as A Freelance Content Writer?

Write, Write, Write !   

You must write every day. It could be anywhere and on any topic. It will improve your writing skills and boost your confidence. You may write on Twitter, Medium, other social media platforms, or even in your diary. The more you write, the closer you are towards your goal. So, what are you waiting for ? start to set a target of minimum words to write every day now !

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Develop  Your linguistic skills 

Improve your grammar and vocabulary, no matter which language you have chosen to write your content in. The best way to do it is  read more and more. Let’s imagine that you need creativity and ideas  when writing, so reading is the best input for your brain. Therefore, you can  spend at least an hour every day on improving your linguistic skills.  

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Take  for a short course to Enhance your Knowledge     

There are many courses available online at very reasonable prices such as at Flexgigzz course.  Don’t go for costly courses that claim to provide you so many certificates. Because, nobody really cares about the certificate. So, you  just need to gain the right knowledge  that you can  implement to your writing.  

Show Your Writings  

Also, if you are planning to be a professional  freelancer content writer  you can  start to register yourself on Google Business so that clients will be able to find you. You can also  sign up to some freelancer platforms like Fiverr, Upwork and Flexgigzz and create your profile.  Upload the sample of your writing there and  set the price.  Use your social media handles, directly and indirectly, to promote your content writing.  

Use Content Creation Tools  

You can use content creation tools like Evernote. Evernote makes it simple to keep track of all of your ideas. From blog post titles to outlines, if it’s floating around your mind, then this service can come to the rescue.Once you create a note, it’s accessible from now until the end of time (as long as you don’t delete it, of course). 

Portent’s Content Idea Generator, is a content creation tools that  you can use it when you get writer’s block. So,  If you struggle to create blog post titles, this tool will change your writing strategy forever. 

Hemingway Editor  it is  a nifty tool that pushes the quality of your writing to the next level. In addition to identifying problem areas, it also categorizes each one so that you know how to fix them. Here is an example that shows a variety of errors.  

Those are the tips collected from the senior copywriter.  It might seem easy, the hard thing is to be consistent with your  goal. Good Luck ! 



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