How to Start Career As a Freelance Cyber Security?

How to Start Career As a Freelance Cyber Security?

A freelancer in cyber security can earn $ 103,724 per year according to zip recruiter. With the digital transformation of many business and remote working. Many people more aware with cyber security as the risk is higher when people more rely on online network.   As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, cyber security job growth rate is projected at 37% from 2012 to 2022. This growth is faster than the average for all other careers. If you interested with prospect of the career, you must wonder how to start career as freelance Cyber Security?   

To start your career as freelance Cyber Security, first of all you must have the skill.  You can check here for the top skills needed for freelance cyber security.  Then you can pursue the learning path of cyber security as bellow : 

Subscribe to the top cyber security blogs  and channels

A few of the good ones are DarkReading, Daniel Miessler, Krebs on Security, Cybrary and many more. Keep yourself updated on events and technologies. Remaining updated is the key to a successful cyber security career.

Get Certified 

In Cyber security field your experience and skills much matter therefore if you are a skilled hacker, getting an OSCP certification puts a stamp on your skills and clears the career path.  You can also get certifications such as CISSP, CISA, CISM, CEH, OSCP and Security+ to leverage your career.   

You can also get cybersecurity skills by get the online course and get certificate at Soho Learning hub here. 

Career As a Freelance Cyber Security?


Practice the Tools

Just watching and reading about the tools won’t help. You need to be hands-on. Install the free ones at least and keep at them. There are so many resources that help you get better. 

Sign up for Cloud Accounts

You need to know how to secure your client’s infrastructure or application. Learn to harden the stack by building, destroying and re-building these tech stacks. Why pay for such practice environments when you can get them for free (for a few months or even a year). Google Cloud Platform, AWS and MS Azure offer free 1-year accounts. Then setup your VM instance and practice the stack of your choice. 

After you completed learning and gain some skills now It’s time  to   develop your career as freelance cyber security  

Choose your field  

Depending on your knowledge, skills and experience in cyber security, you should have an idea about what you can accomplish. Find out more about potential freelance opportunities by going to online freelance marketplaces. You can go to the freelancer marketplace like Flexgigzz, Fiverr and Upwork. Observe what jobs are posted frequently, their earnings and also look at the competition 

Career As a Freelance Cyber Security?

Make sure your skill  

Check for the skill and gaps in the level of service you want to provide and capabilities you have.  You can learn again to leverage your skill and service.  

 Create Profile   

You can sign up on freelance marketplaces such as Flexgigz, Fiverr and Upwork.   You can also  create your own blog or social media page. Just remember when you create your profile make it as complete as possible. Clients love to check many things from the freelancers including skills, previous projects and even your education.  

 Market Your Service  

The marketing should be offline and online. You can  use your current networking like friends or colleagues and also online such as social media.    

 Get your Clients  

After you done enough marketing,¬†it’s¬†time to get clients. Offer the value that you can give to them and make sense price. You may start low but not very¬†low,¬†then gradually increase your service price.¬†¬†

Ready to start your career as a freelance cyber security?  You can sign up on Flexgigzz , create your profile and service.  

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