Leonardo Silva

Video Editor

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Joined January 25, 2021

I created this page to show you my video editing work. I can say that I am addicted with video editing and effects and I will be very glad if many people enjoying video that I made.

Leonardo Silva @leonardo - May 18

Rio never stop party but the pandemic makes me stop go to  beach and party around.

I Created this because I miss that party vibes.

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About The Freelancer

I began my career as freelance video editor about 5 years ago, when I travelled with friends inside Brazil rain forest.  Then somehow one of my friend (my travel buddy) asked me to create video for his engagement day ha ha ha I still remember that Bro! since then some friends and colleagues asked me to edit videos and I got money from there.  Two years ago resigned from my full-time job and started full time freelancing as video editor.

Leonardo Silva @leonardo - May 14

I always love beach and woman, hahahahahha

Here is my love on the beach.

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Leonardo Silva @leonardo - May 08

I made this about a year and half ago, Forest video with ASMR. Can you feel the cool side of mother earth ?   Camera GoPro HERO7