Lost your job? 5 ways to earn while staying at home

Lost your job? 5 ways to earn while staying at home

New Delhi: During the pandemic, hundreds of people across the country have lost their jobs as companies have laid off employees to cut costs. Getting a  new job during the current pandemic crisis might be a little difficult as hiring as almost stopped in all sectors except online retail, However, one can make money from the comfort of their home as well.

If you have lost your job and regular source of income, it is time for you to step out of your comfort zone and explore other ways of earning money while working from home.

Here are five ways to earn while staying at home:

1. Freelance: The easiest way to earn money from home is to complete tasks for other people as a freelancer. There are countless websites online that let people do freelance work according to their skills and experience. You can sign up for one of such websites Upwork and Freelancer and do jobs for customers who are looking for freelancers. You will need to set up a payment account and create a profile with relevant skills, experience and other details. You can start off easy by working with a startup or friend’s business and offering services like data entry, translation, transcription, editing, proofreading, remote customer service or recording sales leads etc.

2. Skill: It is time to put your skills to use and make them work for you. Write down a list of skills where you are better than an inexperienced employee. Find individual customers, aggregator platforms or small businesses online of offline that are willing to pay for any of your skills. If you were a teacher but have a skill of writing code, or are bilingual etc. you can get paid for writing programs, translating documents or content from another language, transcribing recordings etc. Here, your skills which were of little use to you in your job can help you make money.

3. Knowledge: If you are someone with in-depth knowledge and communication skills, you can share your expertise as a mentor, consultant or teacher through numerous online platforms. You can give lessons and get paid as a periodic retainer or on an hourly basis. With experience, you can mentor people. If you are a specialist in any field, you can give coaching classes or training classes to those who are looking upskill. Mentoring or consulting works best when you build potential customers through referrals within existing your network. You can consider online tutoring through platforms like Vedantu and WhiteHat Jr. etc and earn a decent amount of money.

3. Make your Money work for you: If you have saved enough over the years, you can leverage your money to create income through your own financial literacy. You can put your money to better use than parking it in a savings account’ Learn all about mutual funds and growth or dividend stocks and invest to create wealth. If you do not have an investment mindset but have a good business sense, you can invest your money in small businesses and sell products through e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon or Flipkart to earn money. If you are a creator yourself, invest money to produce products which can be sold through resellers like Meesho or Shop101, where you can leverage their existing catalogues without investing money.

4. Creativity: Creative people often have hobbies which they do not use as a means to earn. However, if you are one of them and you have lost your job recently, you could tap your creativity with an Internet connection to make money. If you love photography, upload high-quality pictures on stock photo sites where you are paid when people download your creations. If you like making videos, you can use video sharing platforms like Youtube and monetise your videos to earn money. If you are good at video editing, you can work as an editor for other online content creators.  If you are a writer, you can create readership through blogs or platforms like Medium, Instagram and earn money from ads or sponsorships.

5. Technology: With technology spreading like wildfire across the world, any tech-related skill can be good enough to get you going through this tough time. If you can code or are willing to learn, there are individuals and small businesses that may hire you for your services to run a website, automate tasks or build part of a solution where they are short of hands. If you are good with social media, you can help with strategy and digital marketing to boost a brand. You can also learn affiliate marketing to earn commission by generating traffic or sales through a client’s website or your own.


Source: Timesnownews

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