New Entry Level Remote Jobs with Good Income 

New Entry Level Remote Jobs with Good Income 

 For fresh graduates looking for jobs during a pandemic is not easy because you cannot easily go outside while the companies also applying for work from home.  Meanwhile, many start-up businesses are closed their office and work fully remotely.  Makes the jobseeker also looking for remote work. If you are a jobseeker and fresh graduate here is the list of new Entry Level Remote Jobs with Good Income for your reference.  

  1. HR Assistant  

Human resources assistants are in charge of a variety of administrative duties in the HR department, such as scheduling appointments, performing new hire orientation, and maintaining company employment records up to date.  According to Indeed this job can pay you  $41,800 /year.  

New Entry Level Remote Jobs

2. Sales Development Representative  

By conducting research on prospects in their industry and reaching out to prospective customers, a sales development representative assists a company’s sales team in generating and finding leads. You can get paid around $44,600 according to PayScale 

3. Customer Service Representative  

Customer service representatives respond to customer requests and inquiries, ensuring that their needs are met. They represent the customer’s interests to higher-level executives and assist them in resolving issues. According to this job can pay you $36,900 per year 

4. Account Receivable  

Receiving billing information and invoicing customers, keeping accounting logs up to date, and making bank deposits are all responsibilities of an accounts receivable clerk. This job can give you $49,200 according to indeed.  

5. Junior Underwriter  

Junior underwriters work in financial institutions, assisting senior underwriters with loan approval. Throughout the process, they review customer applications, analyze credit reports, and resolve any problems that arise.  This job can pay you $58,400/ year according to Indeed.  

6. Contact Tracer 

Contact tracers have become critical in slowing the spread of the coronavirus. Patients who have been infected with the virus use contact tracers to track down someone they’ve come into contact with. They then contact those individuals and provide guidance so that no one else is exposed. According to Indeed you can get $50,100 /year from this job. 

7. Email Marketing Associate  

Email marketing associates are in charge of a company’s email communications with existing and potential customers. They write newsletters, manage and expand email databases, and create email marketing campaigns to inform customers of upcoming events and new products. This job paid around $49,600/year according to 

8. Webinar Producer 

Webinar producers organize digital events such as product launches for businesses. They are in charge of arranging event rehearsals, preparing speakers in advance, and overseeing technology to record the presentation. You can get $75,700/year from this job according to ZipRecruiter, very nice amount right ?. This amount is great for between other new entry level remote jobs. 

New Entry Level Remote Jobs
A Webinar Producer

9. QA Analyst  

Quality assurance analysts work with a company’s IT department to detect and resolve issues with its software products. They audit and test the software, evaluate the user experience, and work with IT to troubleshoot issues.  Good income from this job according to ZipRecruiter you can get around $72,800/year.  

10. QA Data Engineer  

The technical side of product development is handled by quality assurance data engineers. They test software products for a company, pursue product development, discover problems with the product along the way, and figure out how to fix them.  You will handsome income for this job, around $70,400 /year according to PayScale.  

There are many ways to get remote job position, one of them is on where you can search remote full time job and remote freelance jobs. If you feel not confident enough with your current skill, you can  sharpen your skill on through online learning on Soho Learning Hub. 

Source : CNBC 


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