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One month worth of results that I’m proud as punch to report to my new client.πŸ₯³

This is our first month ads of this client. So very fresh but hey look at these results! πŸ€‘
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How did we achieve this do I hear you say? Well here’s how:
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πŸ™Œ This is my niche and I have worked in the childrens/baby/toys niche for 3 years. So I do know these audiences very very well. Do I take on any other niches? Yes of course! I also have a jeweller, candle maker and beauty products.
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πŸ€” These products are unique and very on trend. Mums want them. Kids love them. Heck I’d love one too! So this client is not a retail store where they sell hundreds of different products. This is HER brand and HER design and she has invested in quality photos by the use of influencers who shout her brand from the Insta roof top.

Any visitors we retargeted. I mean, look at that top result of a 45.12 ROAS! Welcome back lovely customer!

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