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35-45 Y/O Actress for Part as Hiring Manager in Narrative Short Film (Remote)

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Project detail

This project has a short deadline and needs delivery by Sunday, October 25th at 7:00 p.m. CEST. However, if you can deliver by Saturday, October 24th at 7:00 p.m. CEST, you will receive a 100 USD bonus payment (given that the delivery is accepted).

I am looking for a 35-45 year-old woman to play a recruiter for a 7.5-minute scene in my English-language narrative short film. The scene is an online job interview about an open position for a receptionist at a large bank. You will be playing the role of the hiring manager of the bank, playing opposite the job applicant. In the scene, the applicant has prepared very well for all the recruiters’ questions. But the applicant has a really hard time answering the question “tell me about yourself”.

I have already filmed the part of the job applicant (7.5 minutes – one take). You will be given the video of the part of the job applicant, so you will have to synchronize your acting to give the impression that the interview is live. I will edit the video of you and the video of the job applicant to make it look like a live interview. You should play the video of the job applicant (muted) on your computer as you are recording your video to help you get the timing right. The job applicant is played by me, who is also the writer, director, and editor of the film.

You will be given a script for the scene. The script is about 3 pages long (including both the recruiter and the applicant’s lines). I will provide you with some background to the scene, so that you will understand the context. I have put some guiding text on the video of the job applicant (which you will play as you are recording) to help you get the timing right and remember your lines.

It is important that you film the whole video in ONE take. Furthermore, it is essential that you record in 30 FPS. You should record the video using a 1080p HD camera with a good microphone. It could be your laptop camera, a webcam, or a DSLR camera that you pretend is a webcam. Regardless of which camera you use, it should look like the video was filmed with a webcam.

The short film will be sent as an entry to a Swedish film festival and later uploaded to Youtube. If the film is accepted to the festival, you will receive a bonus payment of 150 USD in December. If the short film wins the festival, you will receive an additional bonus payment of 350 USD in February. Note that if the film should win the festival, it will be shown on Swedish television at some point.

Please note that your name will be included in the film end credits. And your scene in the film might be used as a thumbnail when the film is uploaded to YouTube.

This role gives you some room to improvise. I will give you the script and some instructions, the rest is up to you.

In addition to the video recording, I want you to send a profile picture of yourself. Such as a CV or LinkedIn photograph. You could send any picture if it is appropriate. This photo will be used in an earlier scene of the film, in which the job applicant is reading an email from the hiring manager. The photo will potentially also be used in the scene just before the interview scene, in which the hiring manager is making the Zoom call (and the profile photo appears on the computer screen of the job applicant).

In summary, the project consists of 2 milestones:
1. Send a professional profile picture of yourself.
2. Send the video. The video should be synchronized according to the video of the job applicant.

Summary of Project Requirements:
• Woman between 35-45 years old.
• Must be able to deliver by Sunday, 25th October at the LATEST.
• Fluent English speaker.
• You should wear a business outfit when playing the part of the hiring manager (see the photos below for reference). Your outfit in the interview recording should NOT be the same outfit as that in the profile picture.
• You have a 1080p HD camera with a good microphone, that can film in 30 FPS.
• You are able to film in a professional-looking environment. It is ok to film from home, but the background should be appropriate for an interview (NOT plain color). Remember: you will be playing the part of a hiring manager at a large bank. Please see this short video for some inspiration:

Looking forward to hearing from you! Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Freelancer type required for this project

Project Completion deadline

October 31, 2020