Job Detail

Application Developer (Remote)

  • Job typeJob type: Remote
  • Job DurationMore than 06 months
  • Project LevelMedium Level
  • Project deadlineExpired
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Project detail

Job responsibilities

  • Develop maintainable and reusable code using OOP methodologies.
  • Practice Test Driven Development.
  • Build front end using Angular.
  • Build REST API to support front end applications.
  • Identify ways to enhance the user experience.
  • Find creative solutions, work diligently, and address changes with confidence.
  • Actively work to build and maintain a positive team culture.
  • You are a self-motivated individual that can work under minimal supervision.


  • Self learner / Self Motivator
  • Linux / Nginx / Docker experience
  • Understand Gitflow process
  • Written Self-documentary code. Ie. JSdoc, PHPDoc*
  • Comfortable with working on Singapore public holidays calendar

Language & Stack

  • AngularJS, ExpressJS, ReactJS (Legacy app)
  • PHP
  • TypeScript
  • WordPress
  • GitHub
  • NodeJS


  • >2 year development experience
  • Relevant experience with Microservice development
  • Full stack development experience



To apply, please share the following to your application

  1. Resume/CV

2. Own git repository of open source projects

3. Past deployed projects, and which part of the project were you working on



Skills Required

Languages required

Freelancer type required for this project