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Creative Technologist – Freelancer

  • Job typeJob type: Remote
  • Job Duration01 to 03 months
  • Project LevelMedium Level
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Project detail

We are looking for Creative Technologist.

Hogarth Worldwide is the world’s leading creative content production company. Born to make the best work brilliantly, we combine craft, insight and technology to bring creative work to life for many of the world’s most famous brands.

Founded 13 years ago, Hogarth has grown from a start-up to over 4,500 people, across 30 key cities and is now part of the WPP. Obsessively striving for better is in our DNA, it is the reason for our existence and continues to drive us forward in all that we do, making Hogarth an exciting place to work and a great place to achieve your career ambitions.

Job Description

• Leads development efforts on large-scale web-based projects, ensuring robust and lasting solutions are implemented.

• Awareness of IOS mobile platform with the ability to build solutions that take advantage of the latest iOS features while remaining performant on the latest iOS devices.

• Maintains existing JavaScript libraries and ensure they support the engineering and creative needs of client.

• Mentors team members by educating them on software development standard methodologies and new technologies, especially HTML5 and CSS3, and inspiring them to innovate and build things like blog coverage and tweets that promote social media exposure.

Job Requirement

• 7+ years of professional software development experience with front end web development

(JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, AJAX)

• You understand fundamental visual and interactive design discipline.

• You strive to use web standards to build solutions using semantic markup and CSS.

• You have an understanding of major browsers and the special considerations required for them.

• You are a competent JavaScript programmer who doesn’t need to rely on libraries to accomplish innovative interactions.

• You are aware of the interplay between JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, and you can dynamically create, modify, and style elements on a page with ease.

• You understand Node build systems, CommonJS, and Sass.

• Experience with WebGL.

• Experience creating custom tooling to support the development and review process.

Diversity and Flexibility 

Hogarth is committed to diversity and inclusion, through our ideas, our people, how we behave and conduct ourselves.  Creating a truly inclusive culture at all levels of the organisation that encourages different points of view, making Hogarth not only a better company and place to work but an environment where everyone experiences connection, opportunity and a sense of belonging.

Many of our employees work flexibly in many different ways, including flexible hours or an element of working from home. Please talk to us at interview about the flexibility you may need.

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