Remote Working Impact on Housing in the Future

Remote Working Impact on Housing in the Future

Before the coronavirus hit 4.7 million people were already working remotely. When the coronavirus pandemic struck 88% of the world’s organizations encouraged remote work to their employees. So, how the the Remote Working Impact on housing in the future ?. Will it also will impact real estate business and create more investment opportunities?. 

Trends suggest that the longer the pandemic forces people to work remotely, the more productive employees working remotely get, and the more employees want to keep working outside of their office space after the pandemic ends. 

A survey by¬†Gartner, Inc. of 317 CFOs and Finance leaders in March 2020 said that 74% of respondents would be moving 5% of their on-site employees to permanently remote work. A¬†month later, a¬†Gallup¬†survey revealed that three out of five respondents said that they’d prefer to work remotely.¬†¬†

With remote work likely here to stay, expect housing to adjust accordingly.  

Bye Bye Office Area 

The cost of real estate is sky-high in cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Miami and Boston  as these cities are major employment hubs that attract people from all over the world.  Working remotely may mean that people no longer need to live in those areas in order to land jobs with companies based there.  People can work from the different county or even country.  

Remote Working Impact on Housing in the Future
Office area in the big city


Employees Prefer  to Live Farther from Donwtown  

A Gallup survey released last month found that 43% of Americans work remotely at least some of the time. Remote working Impact on housing has made Workers with family may  prefer suburb area where they can enjoy the larger homes, lower real estate prices, better schools and neighborhoods with lower crime that typically characterize the suburbs. 

Remote Working Impact on Housing in the Future

Demand for Co-Work Spaces 

Even before the pandemic, the shift to working remotely rocketed the importance of home offices. Many multifamily developers were already building co-work spaces into their rental properties. And while the pandemic may have made those co-work spaces less accessible, they’ll be much appreciated in the future. 

It might seem as though the growth of the remote workforce is going to spell the end of cities’ popularity.  While plenty of people will relocate to more affordable areas, demand for downtown living will remain.  

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