Remote Working is Changing the Future of Working Environment.   

Remote Working is Changing the Future of Working Environment 

COVID-19 struck hard as we started to work from home, most of us had to hit the running ground to accommodate our attitudes and habits. And when there’s a situation like this, the pace of business is totally different. Weeks tend to feel like months in uncertain situation.  

In these constraints, business leaders needed to weigh more personal concerns than ever before to satisfy homeschooling parents and provide the teleworking technology equipment. Such accommodations have changed behaviours and things will never be the same again.  

Embedded in the lockdown ‘s challenges are silver linings that have sensitized business leaders and workers that can be used for good in the new world order of work. The office-to-home transfers have forced staff to break down emotional barriers, allowing both colleagues and clients a clear insight into how people will become once they leave the office — a perspective that many colleagues had never previously shared. 

Meena Krenek, Principal and Interior Design Director at global architecture and design firm Perkins and Wills  in Los Angeles says “we’re sharing more of our personal lives with others”. “When wearing no super corporate clothing or makeup, we also discover new ways of social interaction with colleagues and customers that we can take back to humanize our work environments”.  

Source : Forbes  


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