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5 Tips For Completing a Quicker & Better Freelance Web Design Project

Not having to work on a clear timetable, except for those you set for yourself or agree with your customers, is a condition that will be envied by many other professionals peeps out there. Without having to put up with a micromanaging boss looking over your shoulder, the same is real.

You don’t always have to carry an effective attitude to the table while you’re on your own. This may be a blueprint for a catastrophe. Eventually, you find yourself working long hours, but with deadlines missed. And missing a customer at times.

Let’s take it a step further and take a closer look at the time and effort savings you can achieve by working with websites that are pre-built.

When designing a website using a WordPress theme, let’s examine the main moments you encounter.

1. A No-Brainer agrees on a Starting Point

Maybe you haven’t been measuring the time you usually spend discovering a client’s WordPress theme. Sometimes try it. Don’t be disappointed to find that it takes much longer than you expected. Don’t forget to include the hours spent on requesting job changes.

Or to clarify things when the consumer does not understand what can and can not be changed

Website Builder

You can easily make a decision in one of two ways if you have 230+ pre-built websites to choose from:

  • By taking a fast itinerary. Find the websites pre-built that answer the category of your customer. This should take a maximum of a few minutes. Conduct an analysis to see which looks and features would fit the best for your client. This can take much longer, but time is still well spent;
  • Consider the time you usually spend on alterations. That time can literally be reduced from hours to minutes with pre-built websites. And if your initial choice isn’t quite what your client is searching for, you have 230+ alternative options to show him.

2. It’s a matter of minutes to install pre-built websites.

If your customer is difficult to please, or doesn’t quite know what he wants, and you constantly have to bounce back and forth with new ideas, installing a pre-built website requires no coding expertise and takes just 2 or 3 clicks. It is possible to quantify the time spent in minutes, not hours.

3. Act with a plan

It does not take more than the use of pen and paper to bring together a workable plan. You’ll stop the circumstance of wasting time by doing so while contemplating what to do next. Using a pre-built website helps you to skip and get straight down to company wireframes and mockups. Choose a layout, choose between 20+ header types, upload the logo, set the agreed-upon design elements, and you’ll have a working prototype ready to show your customer, starting with a base grid.

Make a plan for details of the web

4. Fine Tune with shortcodes on your website

Shortcodes allow you to create detailed elements of the design, such as infographics, boxes, blocks of text, typography and a host of other useful design objects. Once you’ve customized a pre-built website to suit the big picture you have in mind, shortcodes help you fill in the info. You just need to click “add object” to access a shortcode from a list.

5. Wrap Up Things with an SEO Plugin

You want to make sure your client will start working on his content marketing plan right away before you deliver your website. You first need to grasp the problem and its origins to find a solution. If you find that you’re not cooking on all cylinders and you’re having times when you know you’re not making good use of your time, the trigger could be the tool or WordPress theme you’re using. Or the way that you arrange your assignments.

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