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What You Should Know Before Becoming a Freelancer

During the pandemic, the term freelancer and remote worker are getting booming.  Not only because the quarantine that makes companies change to remote work, but also because of the global economic situation. It makes the company more interested in hiring freelancers because it is more flexible than regular employees. 

A freelancer is someone who prefers to work for himself and chooses not to partner with one company exclusively. This enables a freelancer to work on numerous projects and work supported by various firms, organisations and/or individuals. 

Such freelancers are not constrained by any arbitrary criteria of a normal job.  Such as working from 9 to 5, reporting to a boss, etc. 

The Interesting thing about freelancing 

The Interesting thing about freelancing of freelancing is that there is no industry to which you are tied. In industries such as health care, fashion, financial services, management, technology, hospitality, commerce, education, etc. You can take all of these types of work and take it to brands to source for work. That’s right, you are free.  

Freelancing vs Regular Job 

Freelancing comes with a collection of pros and cons of its own. However, whether you view these points as positive or negative is entirely up to you. Freelancing would allow you to work from wherever you want.  Unlike working a regular job, and minimize commuting from one location to another, except for customer meetings. 

When you are freelancing, you can mutually set a timetable for your client’s project and work at your pace. You are the boss of yourself, and the client is your customer.  Even, You can fire fired your client if you think they troublesome you. 

Cons of freelancing 

Of course, there are a few negatives thing of freelancing. But, those are subject to the individual condition of each individual. Freelancing doesn’t guarantee daily jobs, at least in the beginning. There is a chance of late payment from the clients, and worse case clients don’t pay your service. 

Freelancers and remote workers are also prone to loneliness. Even, some freelancers can be socially cut-off.  But, you can solve this situation if you join freelancer groups or communities like  Flexgizz group.  Or you can also join a group in social media for freelancers.  So, you can get update information and friends. 

Freelancers & remote workers are prone to feel lonely

All freelancers need is discipline and a set routine, set their expectations right about inconsistent work flow, be prepared to hustle for work and stand out in the work they do to ensure returning clients. 

So what should you do next? 

Here is a step by step process to be a freelancer:  

Find out what you’re best selling point  

If you have a good voice, you can try to be a voice-over artist.  Same thing when you good in typing, you can be a data entry or virtual assistant at the start. Or maybe,  you are excellent in school lessons, you can teach online. So,  you need to think to about what is your best skill. 

Market Research  

Doing market research is essential. You will need to find out if the market you’re targeting has scope for the services you will be offering. 

 Tools and  Equipment.  

Before you’re ready to offer freelancing services, ensure you have the tools that support your job. As an example, a compatible PC for a programmer, a camera for a photographer,  and a laptop for a writer. 

Voice over artist and her equipments

 Market  Your Service  

Create a plan on how you will market your service. You can join freelancer platforms such as Fiverr, Flexgigzz, and Upwork.  You can also use your social media to share your freelancer profile. Or you can share your service with your friends and colleagues.  Think about your rate, check other freelancers to know their market rate. 


Source : www.msn.com

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What You Should Know Before Becoming a Freelancer

During the pandemic, the term freelancer and remote worker are getting booming.  Not only because the quarantine that makes companies change to remote work,...