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I will write  articles  or  caption for   Art works  such as paintings, sculpture and   art instalation.

The article may vary depends on the length of the words.

The  price 5 USD is for article with length 200-250  words.

Client need to submit :

  1. Photos of the artwork
  2. Story or idea  or inspiration of how the artwork made  it can be written or voicemail
  3. Material of teh artwork  e.g.  canvas, oil painting, water color, strings,  mix medium.
  4. Story about the artist and personality of the artist, such as hobbies  or favorite movie, it can be in written or voicemail.
  5. Full CV of the artist.

I might ask more details if  I  need more details.

The article might ready in 2-3 days depends on the queue.

Revision maximum 2 times and  it will be lengthen the delivery  time.



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