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Christian Writer, Ghostwriter


As a Christian Writer
– Fast, reliable
– Adaptive to a variety of writing styles
– Composing interest-generating summaries
– Authoring articles of any length, professionally formatted to specification
– Short-term projects
– Long-term assignments

As a Christian Ghostwriter
– Writing works on behalf of the publishing client in a particular style, based on the author’s personality, preference and vision.

I have lived in many countries worldwide with great exposure to a vast variety of cultures, languages, customs, and ethics. It was only later in life that I came to faith in Jesus Christ. My acceptance of Christ has offered me unique perspectives on life. These experiences now form the cornerstone of my writing work through which I can glorify God.

My writing preserves the unique voice of the author and incorporates the style which we determined during the interview process. Whether you are planning to write a memoir, author a fictional book, publish devotionals, maintain a news website with Christian values, or discuss a theological subject, you will hire a dedicated, dependable partner who shares your values.

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