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Writing a book can be overwhelming. Whether you are writing a book of short stories, an autobiography, or a novel for any age group, it is important to know the details behind the writing. Writing a book can be broken down into a few steps, which may seem simple, but quickly become difficult.
1. Planning: Know who your characters are, their motivations, and how the book will progress.
2. Layout: Do you know the number of chapters? Sections within a chapter? Words per chapter or book? These are all questions to consider when going forward. Did you know most genres have specific word count ranges they should be in, and no matter how good your book is an agent or publisher won’t even look at it if it does not fit the correct parameters?
3. Subplots: Books cannot propel themselves forward without a supporting cast of characters and subplots to bring a great story together.

?4. Flow: Every sentence in a book should be written to propel a story forward. If it does not, then the sentence should be rewritten or omitted.

?5. Twists: Every book has a twist of some kind. In fiction, especially plot twists are what quickly turn a book from okay, to great!

?6. Description: Whether you want to be a fluidly descriptive as Gabriel García Márquez, or as to the point as
??Ernest Hemingway, our writers have the ability to write to the style you prefer.

?7. End: No matter how good the bulk of your book is, it will not be great without a great ending. The ending is what readers end with, and will remember, as they look for future books written by you.

?Regardless of the type of book you want written we at Clarke International Writing Services have the writer for you.