Service Detail

Edit Your Photos In Lightroom From Normal To Unique


I am pleased to offer you my knowledge and experience to give your photos a better life.
If you are looking for great photos for blogging or simply for your Facebook feed, you will love
my work.
I will do the following enhancements to your photographs
exposure control, white balance, red-eye, noise reduction & sharpness, Individual image inspection, Retouching & Enhancement, Color correction, Brightness, and contrast, Cropping, and Straightening
I only deliver the photos in JPG format in high resolution.
NOT COVERED: Background removal, object removal, Slimming person.
File Format: JPEG, RAW
I need to know the number of images to edit to be able to tell you an estimated number of days that the work will be delivered. The price is for a number of photos to edit. If the photos are in very bad condition, that is, very dark photos, very out of focus or with a lot of grain, I will reserve the right to edit and comment on the errors and so you can send other images to cover those images that can not be edited.