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EN-ID Transcriptionist | Transcriber


Hi, you’re looking for a Top Rated Transcriptionist, Captioner, or Subtitler?


I’ll provide you with top-quality, accurate, and clean deliverables in an efficient & timely manner. I have 10+ years of experience collaborating with clients on various types of projects (both creative and commercial purposes).

My services includes (but are not limited to):
? Audio & Video Transcription
? Verbatim/Edited/Intelligent Transcript
? Styles and Formatting
? Time-stamping, Speakers labelling
? Proofread, Stylistic Review, Editorial & Quality Assurance Assistance

Languages: English, Indonesian, Javanese.

Experienced and specialized in subject areas such as Arts & Culture, Music & Films, Travel & Tourism, Sports, Entertainment, E-commerce, Market/Business, IT, Human Resources, Aviation, and many more.

Hopefully, we can collaborate and work together. So hit me up, and feel free to send me an invitation to interview should you have a project to offer.

Looking forward to talk with you soon!

With care,