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Google analytics Expert | PPC


I have proven track record in Google Analytics and setting up Custom Analytic Tracking including Event Tracking, Custom Dashboards, Google Adword, Google Tag Manager, Custom Variable Setup, Goals and Funnels, PPC, SMM, SEM and Website Optimization.

Complete expertise in Various Google Analytics techniques like :

— Set up Custom Reports.
— Create Custom Dashboards.
— Performance Analysis.
— Setting up Goals.
— Creating Funnels.
— Setting up Ecommerce Tracking.
— Setting up Event Tracking.
— Record work with Video/Screencast/Jing.
— Data Interpreting.
— Data Attribution Modelling.
— User Journeys.
— Lead Times.
— Setting up Meaningful Dashboards.

I have also Great Expertise in PPC & latest techniques to increase your conversion & CTR in Low budget. Here are some techniques that I follow to set up & optimize the PPC campaign:

1) Focusing on phrase and exact match
2) Keywords Research within Budget
3) Avoiding too many campaigns
4) Segmenting ad groups by match type
5) Breaking out poor performers such as Ads & keywords
6) Targeting the most profitable geo locations
7) Paying close attention to Quality Scores
8) Launching new campaigns with negative keywords
9) Regular Monitoring the Whole campaign
10) Calculation your conversion & ROI

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