Service Detail

I will Clean your Audio Podcast Like Professional


Is your audio podcast not clean? Many noise, ‘uhm’ or pause? Let me clean and edit for you!

I’ll do audio editing like removing the noise, awkward pause, adding intro/outro music [free licensed], boost up the volume, till mastering. For 30-35 minutes raw files, need 1.5-2.5 hours [depends on difficulties] and for 1 hours, need 2.5-4 hours editing. For noted, it can’t be 100% clear when there’s noise while someone talks to cleaned [just reducing the signal voice/noise, not removing].

Flow editing:

1. Checking the audio to see what can adding to improve the audio;
2. Adding amplify/reverb/normalize to make sure audio has power/boost up the volume;
3. Using noise reduction, get the profile [like wind] and adding it to the audio;
4. Playing whole audio, while, listening and catch up the noise [like hiss, breath, click]. removing the noises.
5. If needed, adding music [intro, outro, background] and doing auto ducking on the audios.
6. When finishing 1-5, checking again, back to point 2 if needed;
7. Saving as to Mp3 and playing on music player to make sure, edited version is ok and professional.

Languages freelancer can speak