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The business model canvas is a strategic management framework that provides a visual representation of your business by breaking it down into its key components. Working through this mapping exercise helps you to systematically think through:

  • Customer Segments: Who are your current or prospective customers?
  • Value Proposition: What problems do you solve for your customers?
  • Channels: How is your product promoted, sold and delivered?
  • Customer Relationships: What relationship do you intend to build with your customers?
  • Revenue Streams: How does the business generate income?
  • Key Activities: What are the activities required to produce, distribute & sell your product or service?
  • Key Resources: What resources are required to operate your business?
  • Key Partnerships: With whom do you need to team up to be successful?
  • Cost Structure: What are major cost drivers & how do they impact profitability?


    Business model canvas based on your business idea

    3 Days Delivery
    1 Revision
    • SWOT Analysis



    Basic + Value proposition canvas

    5 Days Delivery
    1 Revision
    • SWOT Analysis



    Standard + Value proposition canvas + SWOT analysis

    7 Days Delivery
    1 Revision
    • SWOT Analysis

A business model canvas is ideal to keep your business in front of you no matter whether you are:

  1. Just exploring a business idea
  2. A start-up still working on product-market fit
  3. An established business looking to grow into adjacent markets
  4. Mapping a competitors business model

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