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I will set up your google analytics x shopify so you can scale your store right away


Do you want to unleash the power of Google Analytics?

Do you have a website that uses Shopify?

Do you want to scale your business by making data-driven decisions, rather than random guessing?

Then, Google Analytics can definitely help you.

I can set up Google Analytics so it can become the MOST USEFUL tool in your Shopify arsenal.


Here are only some examples of metrics we can track:

–    Add to cart %.

–    Average Order Value (AVO).

–    Product impressions/product clicks ratio.

–    Most performing categories and pop-ups.

–    Average number of items that are bought.

–    Email sign up %.

–    Purchase conversion rate.

Google Analtics can help you cut the learning curve by YEARS if installed correctly on your Shopify store.


➺ If you are serious about it;

➺ If you are ready to transform your Google Analytics data into actionable insights;

➺ If you value mutual respect and empathy

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