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Jewelry Photos – Editing & Processing


Looking at the awesome photographs at the top jewelry company websites around the world, the images look flawless, bright and appealing. It is not just one mouse click to get a result like this, but is often a complex process, including the following:

• Developing the original photograph from a raw file (exposure, white balance, spot exposure for certain areas, noise/sharpness of the image).
• Fine tuning of certain colors/shades, specifically precious metals and gemstones.
• Isolating the jewelry (ring, necklace, bracelet, earring..) from the background.
• Adding special effects to the jewelry, including shine/glow, reflection, shadows.
• Fine adjustments for proportions/sizes.
• Preparing a desired size for web/mobile presence (custom sharpening with masks).

Feel free to contact if you need a specific quote for your jewelry images – please also mention whether RAW files (NEF, CR2, DNG, PEF, RAF, etc) are available, and how many images are there in total.

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