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Medical Data Entry and Transcription


The healthcare industry across the world is undergoing unprecedented changes with increased focus on improving the quality of care being delivered to the patients. As the industry faces the challenge of maintaining countless medical records, ZipPixel Technologies assists hospitals, medical practitioners, clinics and other healthcare providers efficiently manage the data so that they can concentrate on core business activities.
The data processing needs of the healthcare industry are exacting and complex. The healthcare centers must maintain humungous databases comprising of patients’ personal information, medical history and other medical details. To make it easier for the providers to focus on what they do the best – their core business – ZipPixel Technologies helps them digitize valuable medical data and enter it in a suitable file format, as per the requirement.

Our HIPAA certified experts can capture data from critical documents including medical bills, medical claims, hospital records, patients’ records, patients’ medical history, clinical records, medical transcriptions and others.