Service Detail

Scrape websites data using Octoparse


I can scrape/extract/crawl information from your given site/link(s) using Octoparse and put it in a format that you like (.xlsx, .csv, .txt,).

I will provide
Business Name
Phone No
Webpage Link
Email address (If your website contains email)
Location address
Business category Name

Mandatory requirements:
Each customer has to provide the website from which I need to extract the information.
Describe, in as much detail as you can, the steps that I need to make to see the wanted information.
If the website needs login credentials, the customer has to provide those.
Field description.

You will get here;
100% Accuracy
On-time delivery
Quality work
100% Inbox delivery
95% Reply chances

I’m not extracting personal contact information.
Data must be visible on the site. I can’t scrap Hidden data

Languages freelancer can speak