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How can you get your audience to care about what you have to say? How can you make your ‘story’ interesting and compelling? Words can be used to paint a picture for the reader and guide him along on a journey of your creation. Content in any type of writing is important, but how well it is written is the key to bringing your message home. You have to capture the readers’ interest in the first few sentences. If you don’t, whatever else you have to say will never reach them. Visual style is extremely important in guiding the reader’s eye around the page to tell your story, especially for web sites, desktop and mobile applications. As a graphic artist and software engineer, blending content with presentation is one of my specialties. As a character designer (written, graphic and sculptural), I understand that character development is paramount, not only in fictional writing, but when creating a powerful corporate image or storyline of any kind. I have written technical documentation, software and web site content, advertising copy, fiction, documentary, script, storyboard and multimedia content. I have also gathered Internet research for other writers.

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