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Twitter Marketing


Why should you consider using Twitter marketing? Twitter marketing is cheaper than other pay per click (PPC) options. The followers you earn from a Twitter marketing campaign are more qualified prospects. They saw your Twitter advertisement because Twitter classified them to be within your niche.

A promoted tweet is exactly as it sounds. You can choose to promote one of your current tweets or write a new one. A promoted tweet allows you to engage beyond your core followers and reach more of your target audience.

With 336 million monthly active users, Twitter marketing is essential for promoting your ecommerce store. On average, Twitter users follow at least five brands on the social network. What’s even more impressive, is that 37% will buy from the brands they follow. Four out of every five Twitter users have mentioned a brand in their tweets. Thus, showing that Twitter users aren’t brand averse. The platform itself allows strong two way communication between users and brands. Over half of all Twitter users have taken action such as visiting a website after seeing a brand being mentioned in a tweet. The average brand responds to a customer inquiry on Twitter within an 1 hour and 24 minutes. Many brands use social media as a way to offer better customer support. It allows them to respond to customers in real-time. Getting a hold of a brand via email can sometimes take up to 48 hours. However, on social media, the response time is usually much faster. Customers will tweet at your brand and you’ll receive a notification on your phone that allows you to respond immediately.

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