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Video Solution


I have worked on video broadcasting and streaming solutions for live TV and IP Camera.
My major experience is in FFmpeg and video streaming services based and P2P based.

Using video streaming server I mostly use Wowza deployed on Amazon EC2 instances and some times use other CDNs like Youtube, Heroku and some other dedicated ones.
I work much on Amazon web services for this like S3, Cloudfront, Auto scaling, etc.

I use P2P with WebRTC for low-latency broadcasting of video feeds and can work on decoding on browser. This approach has great potential with good network bandwidth and enough resource on mobile devices and for web browsers capability to utilize resource.
In SkyTV project I have used P2P cloud based video streaming which is based on video chunk propagation in the cloud. It’s working like torrent to report chunking status of p2p peers to track and request videos pieces each other. This way provides great performance and QoS.

With 6 years of experience working on video solution I can provide major technical support.

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