Service Detail

Virtual Assistant/ Customer service


I have proven ability and skills in making sound decisions based on the company policy and valid information. I have an aptitude and good comprehension that helps to identify and resolving problems efficiently. This results in good metrics and customer satisfaction.
I keep the customer at the forefront and remember that the customer is always right. You wanna know the secret? They are not always right! But, how should we deal with it?
I’m here not only to assist your customer but to also help you grow your business by having long-term customer loyalty. Satisfying them in a short-term period will only do harm than good.

I have a results-oriented attitude, with a sense of urgency and responsibility. I’m a fast learner and I can be an expert about your brand and products. I’ll be able to support your customers in no time!

I have experience working with big companies like AT&T.