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Here’s your case: your business needs a new website or it’s time to redesign your existing one.

By now, you have already get in touch with several agencies in your local area that will be able to help you set up your new WordPress website.

While waiting to get the estimates, you’ve done some research on the topic yourself and it seems that in 2018 it’s not that complicated to make the website anymore. There are so many tutorials and video guides on the web on how to setup WordPress, buy a hosting, a theme, configure some plugins and voilá, you have a brand new website. But is it really that easy?

Three agencies you’ve inquired for the quote replied with their estimates and it seems to be even higher than you’ve anticipated. Looking at the quotes, you are asking yourself what’s the real value of hiring an agency to create a website for you if you can do it yourself?

I have seen this situation many times before. Hundreds of business owners like yourself have reached out to us in the past, asking if our themes are easy enough to use if they can pull up a website together. We’ve seen thousands of sites using our themes done both by DIY-ers and those done by professionals.

We develop WordPress and Shopify websites, in addition to landing page development. We are also experienced in Javascript and Ruby on Rails web and mobile application development

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