Coronavirus-related Layoffs Expanding Roles for Freelancers in These Hot Sectors

Hiring managers are accelerating the use of freelancers, according to the annual Future of the Workforce Report from the job platform Upwork, with the unemployment rate at 13.5 per cent and a rapidly changing job market.

Remote Momentum: Has COVID-19 Caused a Gig Economy Boom?

For all the uncertainty that Coronavirus has caused worldwide, there’s one thing that we can be sure of: remote work is booming. 

Success in the Gig Economy

Martha, an independent consultant   left a global consulting firm to set out on her own.  Now she's part of a widely defined as gig economy, an e...

Pandemic’s Impact on Gig Economy

COVID-19 pandemic affected freelancers worldwide as it shuttered businesses and stalled payments, with many gig workers now fulfilling critical roles to keep society moving as consumers retreat inside their homes. Food delivery, for example, and Uber dr...

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